Welcome to my site which contains all kinds of information about my current undertakings, adventures, results and so on.... Apart from this, you'll also be able to find all sorts of info on the world of the highjump, ranging from in-depth analyses of my technique, movies and pictureseries to links were you'll be able to find additional info on this subject.

My first contact with athletics was at the age of nine. I enjoyed the wide variety of disciplines and the competitiveness which are embodied in this sport. At the age of seventeen I mainly focussed on the discus throw and the highjump, which might seem a strange combination. I still enjoy throwing the discus, but due to my physical stature, the highjump was more suited. That year (1992) can be described as the starting point of my career as world-class highjumper (more information about this period can be found under the history option!). It also resulted in me meeting my current coach and a lot of other athletes of which some are still giving their every effort at becoming world-class athletes themselves. This unique group has always been my foundation for the results I've booked so far. The mix of a coach who has an incredible gift for analyzing motions of the body and a group of fellow-athletes who all crave the same, namely to exceed one's best, is unique and a necessary ingredient for me to achieve my goals.


Date of birth: 23 February 1975
Place of birth: Alphen a/d Rijn
Length: 1.93 m
Weight: 80 kg
Athletics Club: AV Attila
Education: Aerospace Engineer
Occupation: First Lt Royal Dutch Airforce
Sponsors: Daedalus Aviation Group, Royal Dutch Army, ASICS, AA-drink

Additional Supporters:

On this site you can choose from a lot of different options, which are explained here shortly.

News: Contains a short description of recent events.
About me: Tells the story of my first experiences with athletics.
For the fan: Contains a postcard which can be downloaded, my personal achievements, goals, links and newspaper articles of the current season.
Pictures: Here you can find a collection of photos which were taken at various events and places (including Olympics and EC Munich).
Movies: A collection of short movies recorded during different competitions, including the Dutch Record jump. Special attention goes out to the training and competition data that is available under this option!
Diary: Short comments about recent competitions I was in. List of upcoming competitions.
Guestbook: A place were you can leave a relevant message.
Specials: My e-mail correspondence to the home crowd during my stay at the Olympics in Sydney (Dutch only!).


Coach: Frans Bosch
Date of birth: 27 February ....
Education: ALO (physical ed.)
Occupation: illustrator, painter